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A Brief Introduction to the Cookie Diet and Where to Buy Them

Amidst all the diet fads in the market today, there are only a handful of weight loss systems that are guaranteed to help you melt those unwanted fats for good. The Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet has been around for decades, and still is one of the go-to weight loss systems for celebrities and even for average individuals who wish to shed excess kilos in the fastest, easiest and tastiest way possible.


The Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet- What is it all about?

In essence, the Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet is a low-calorie, meal replacement weight loss system that requires users to eat up to 9 cookies throughout an entire day supplemented by a nutritious dinner consisting of protein, vegetables and fruits.

If you look at this weight loss solution closer, you will realise that it’s one of the more sensible plans. For starters, the consumption of cookies solves the usual cravings that people suffer from when on a diet. By replacing breakfast, lunch and snacks with nutritious, tasty cookies, they are more likely to stick to this diet until they finally achieve their weight loss goals.


Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet Two Phases

The Cookie Diet is divided into two stages, namely:


  • Weight losing phase


During the initial stage of the diet, dieters are required to eat 1 to 2 cookies every two hours. The cookies are made from ingredients with low-glycemic index as well as high concentration of amino acid blends. The dinner meal should mainly consist of lean meat, vegetables and fruits.



  • Weight maintenance phase


Once a dieter has reached his or her ideal body weight and fat percentage, Dr. Siegal recommends healthy calorie counting or macronutrients to guarantee permanent weight loss. The low-calorie biscuits are to be consumed as snacks in between meals.


Where to Buy Dr. Siegal Cookies in Australia?

The low-calorie cookies formulated by Dr. Siegal has helped hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe. This is your chance to finally lose all the unwanted kilos without starving yourself! Order your first batch of cookies by calling us on 1300 077 707 today.

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