Discover How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy with Diet Cookies

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Discover How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy with Diet Cookies

It’s not always that you see the words diet and cookies in the same sentence, but this is exactly what the Cookie Diet is all about. The Cookie Diet by Dr. Sanford Siegel is revolutionary weight loss program based on calorie restriction.

In order to achieve successful weight loss, one has to reduce calorie intake resulting in deficit. If you are looking for an effortlessly delicious and effective means of shedding kilos, this is the weight loss program for you.

How to lose weight fast, naturally?

Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet presents a delicious and nutritious way to lose weight fast naturally. The major selling point of this weight loss program is the consumption of up to 9 cookies daily with dinner to complete the 1200 calorie requirement. Each cookie is 90 calories each. Users are advised to eat one to two cookies every two hours to help induce weight loss.

Dinner is also an important element of the Cookie Diet. Besides the cookies that are made from amino acids and important nutrients, users are also to consume a 500 to 700-calorie dinner that consists mainly of green, leafy vegetables, fruits, and meat for protein.

How to lose weight fast without exercise?

The Cookie Diet is the perfect weight loss system for those who want to lose weight without exercise implementation. Since the Cookie Diet creates a calorie deficit, the body automatically burns stored fat without the help of exercise.

This weight loss regime is ideal for busy individuals who do not have time to go to the gym to workout. During the weight loss phase, you can lose up to 5 kilos in 1 week simply by adhering to consuming 9 cookies per day with a 500 to 700 calorie dinner.

If you want to try the Cookie Diet yourself, we highly recommend checking the link here. If you have other enquiries, you may call us on 1300 077 707 today.

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