Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet- A Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

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Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet- A Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

Calorie restriction is an undeniably effective means of losing unhealthy weight fast. If you have long been overweight or obese, do not lose hope just yet. One quick, inexpensive, and efficient way of shedding up to 10 pounds of excess weight in 1 week is Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet. If you want this amazing weight loss result for yourself, keep reading. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet biscuits for weight loss.

Can you lose weight by eating cookies?

The main premise of calorie restriction is to reduce calorie intake to a level where the body is still supplied with its basic dietary requirements whilst at the same time induces healthy weight loss. Food is to be regarded as fuel rather than delectable things that bring pleasure and satisfaction.

By delivering a low-calorie diet in the form of cookies, dieters are more likely to adhere to the diet due to their delicious taste. The cookies developed by Dr. Siegel are made from wholesome ingredients as well as amino acids. Eating one to two cookies every two hours is more than enough to satisfy as well as curb hunger pangs.

What should I eat to lose weight and tone up?

The Dr. Siegel’s Cookie Diet features cookies that are 90 calories each. Eating up to the recommended 9 cookies per day totals to 720 calories. According to the Cookie Diet, in order to lose up to 4.5 Kilos in 1 week, one can only consume 1200 calories. The remaining 500 calories will mainly come from the last major meal of the day- dinner. Ideally, dinner consists of green, leafy vegetables and protein-packed meats such as chicken, pork, beef, or fish.


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