Here is a Straightforward and Simple Diet to Lose Weight Fast

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Here is a Straightforward and Simple Diet to Lose Weight Fast

The desire for an attractive and lean body has prompted millions of people to try out diet fads and take weight loss pills that promise to melt down fats quickly and easy. We all know that regardless of price, quality and brand, quick weight loss fixes don’t work so well. The good news is that there are a few weight loss strategies that are proven effective and safe, too!

This article is a brief introduction to one of the most popular weight loss strategies on the market. And unlike weight loss fads, this approach has been around for many decades and has helped almost half a million people from all over the world to shed unwanted kilos for good. Introducing the Cookie Diet by Dr. Siegal!


How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

Dr. Siegal based his Cookie Diet concept on the fact that people are more willing to stick to their diets when cravings are satisfied whilst on the process of weight loss. As the name implies, the Cookie Diet mainly involves the consumption of up to 9 cookies daily. The cookies are made up of ingredients with low glycemic index and is formulated to curb hunger pangs, thus resulting in weight loss.


Is the Cookie Diet the meal plan for extreme weight loss?

The Cookie Diet aims to deliver high amounts of amino acids to the system which in turn is an effective way of reducing cravings more so than carbohydrates and fats. Dr. Siegal’s diet is not a meal replacement weight loss system, but instead should be utilised in combination with other weight loss systems for significant weight loss in as little as 7 days.


Is the Cookie Diet a sensible weight loss system?

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie diet promises fast and easy weight loss when followed closely. It is a short-term solution which means that an individual can only use it as a standalone weight loss system for no more than 4 weeks in total. Dr. Siegal still recommends the re-establishment of a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise as they are tried and tested to result in permanent weight loss.

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