Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet- An Easy Diet to Follow that Works

Image of a White plate with spoon, fork and whole grain cookies - weight loss

Image of a White plate with spoon, fork and whole grain cookies - weight loss

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet- An Easy Diet to Follow that Works

Weight loss is a tedious and time-consuming endeavour. Not only will you need to stick to an exercise routine, you are also deemed to change your eating habits as well. And between diet and exercise, we all know too well that the former is harder to accomplish altogether. Why?

Modern society has made it extremely difficult for people to control their eating habits. The proliferation of more fast food restaurants truly makes dieting a very painful process. Stress is also a culprit in overeating and obesity. These are just two of the many elements which contribute to the growing problem of obesity not only in the Australia, but in other parts of the world too. If you are suffering from obesity or are overweight, what you need is a revolutionary product which can help you lose weight fast without exercise, but with consuming delicious-tasting cookies. Introducing Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet!

What is the Cookie Diet?

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet has been receiving a lot of positive reviews since its inception in 1945. This simple plan to lose weight is known for its efficacy in helping down curb appetite and reduce calorie intake resulting in fast weight loss. If this is your first time to hear about the Cookie Diet, read on and find our more!

The Cookie Diet is the Easiest diet to follow to lose weight fast. It is a calorie-restriction diet that requires users to eat between 1000 and 1200 per day to induce successful weight loss. It features hunger-controlling cookies specially formulated by Dr. Siegal, a renowned Florida-based medical doctor that has helped thousands of people to lose weight fast.

The recipe of these hunger-controlling cookies is top secret, but it’s not a secret that almost half a million people was able to jumpstart their weight loss journey with the Cookie Diet.


  • Users are instructed to consume 9 cookies daily; 2 cookies every two hours. They are meant to replace the two major meals (breakfast and dinner) and snacks. Each cookie contains 60 calories and is fortified with amino acids that curbs appetite.
  • A real meal is to be served at least once a day, ideally dinner, to ensure that you are receiving nutrients from whole, nutritious foods. The regular meal will account for at 500 out of the 1200 daily calorie requirement.

If your goal is to reduce your weight in as fast as two weeks, you should seriously consider this diet as it is fun and easiest to stick to for 7 days or even longer.

Want to learn more about the Cookie Diet? Click here to read up on articles about Dr. Siegal’s revolutionary weight loss program, or you may also call us on 1300 077 707 today.

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