Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is the Best Diet Meal Plan to Lose Weight

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Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is the Best Diet Meal Plan to Lose Weight

Losing weight has always been a struggle, especially among those who have practically tried numerous weight loss supplements on the market. Despite claims of efficacy and potency, it seems that only a handful of products can deliver positive weight loss results.

In addition to low level of effectiveness, many weight loss systems pose unwanted side effects, and in worse cases, bring about complications detrimental to overall health. Ineffective and dangerous weight loss products have made it very difficult for consumers to try out simple but safe weight loss meal plans that actually work. With all the bad publicity surrounding weight loss fads, are there any other meal plan that can safely result in extreme weight loss? The solution to successfully shed all those unwanted pounds is in the form of cookies! Continue reading to find out more!

Cookie Diet- A Simple and Yet Effective Plan to Lose Weight

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet is a revolutionary meal plan that guarantees to help you melt all those excess weight in as fast as 7 days! The cookies’ hunger-controlling formula has helped hundreds of thousands from all over the globe to lose weight effortlessly and without having to restrict meals to bland, unappetizing food items.

Why Try the Cookie Diet?

  • It’s easier to stick to a diet that involves consuming delicious-tasting, hunger-controlling cookies. People finds it easier to control their cravings when comfort foods such as pastries are included in weight loss meal plans.
  • The Cookie Diet involves the consumption of protein-enriched cookies for majority of the day. Ideally, users eat one to two cookies (9 cookies a day) every two hours to replace the major meals of the day. Dinner is usually regular meals consisting of meats and vegetables.
  • Dr. Siegal guarantees weight loss with his weight loss meal plan as calorie intake for all cookies plus dinner only ranges between 1,000 and 1,200 per day.
  • The Cookie Diet is a short-term weight loss system that will help jumpstart your journey to a slimmer, leaner, and healthier physique. It comes in four delicious flavours including chocolate brownie, maple pancake, cinnamon oatmeal, and butterscotch.
  • With strict implementation of the Cookie Diet, you can lose between 5 and 8 kilos of weight in as fast as 30 days.

The specially-formulated, hunger-controlling cookies of Dr. Siegal aim to deliver weight loss in the safest and fastest means possible. If you want to change for the better and lead healthier lives for many years, try Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet today!


To place an order or if you have other questions regarding the Cookie Diet, call us on 1300 077 707.

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