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Dr. Siegal’s Diet Cookies for Weight Loss- Are they Worth a Try?

One of the biggest struggles of weight loss is giving up the sugary and fatty food items that are responsible for weight gain. The majority of weight loss fads fail because they curb the natural to eat delicious meals from time to time.


Origin of the Cookie Diet Plan

Dr. Siegal, a Miami-based obesity physician understood the need to satisfy cravings and formulated a breakthrough system, that helps dieters keep to their weight loss plan. Dr. Sanford Siegal originally formulated the cookies for his local patients and after helping hundreds of his patients through the years, introduced the weight loss diet commercially.

Since then he has helped up to half-a-million people from all over the world to not only lose weight for good, but also re-establish good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle for permanent weight loss.


The Cookie Diet that Helps you Lose Weight the Delicious Way

The Cookie Diet is a meal replacement plan that allows you to eat up to 9 nutritious and tasty cookies daily. The cookies are made from low-glycemic index ingredients and have a calorie content of 90 calories each. Dieters eat 1 to 2 cookies every one to two hours and a healthy and balanced dinner consisting of 500 calories. According to the Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet, for best results, dinner should mainly consist of lean meat and vegetables.

The total daily calorie intake while under the Cookie Diet plan is 1,200 calories – the perfect calorie intake if you wish to lose a significant amount of weight within a short period of time.


Short-Term Weight Loss that Teaches Healthy Long-Term Eating Habits

One of the major benefits of the Cookie Diet plan is that it is a tasty way to lose weight. While the cookies may not be overly delicious, they are reasonably tasty to prevent over snacking.

Cookie Diet’s weight loss phase is ideally four weeks at the most. Once maintenance weight is achieved, dieters then follow a balanced and healthy meal plan with the consumption of 4 to 6 cookies in between major meals of the day.


Get started with the Cookie Diet today. To place your order, you may reach us on 1300 077 707 today.

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