Healthy Biscuits for Weight Loss- Delicious Way to Shed All Those Kilos Away

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Weight loss meal plans enable people to lose weight fast and effectively. The sad news is that most of these diet plans require followers to eat unappetizing foods; some bland, raw, and even juiced. Although effective, people fail to lose weight simply because they don’t taste delicious at all.

If you are looking for a delicious way to lose weight while ensuring good nutrition, we have the solution for you- the best cookies for your weight loss meal plan from Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet. Keep reading if you wish to learn more about this amazing way to get leaner with cookies.


The Only Low-Calorie Biscuits for Weight Loss

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet has been around for many decades. It has helped thousands upon thousands around the globe to achieve their weight loss goal in a delicious and nutritious way.

This weight loss plan consists of a two-stage weight loss plan that can help you shed the excess fat within weeks.



  • Weight Losing Phase


This stage of the diet requires the consumption of 9 cookies eaten every two hours. The dinner meal should mainly consist of a combination of lean meat and vegetables.



  • Weight Maintenance Phase


Once the ideal weight has been achieved by a user, users need to maintain consuming healthy meals within recommended macros. The low-calorie biscuits are to be consumed as snacks in between meals.


Diet Biscuits for Weight Loss

Dr. Siegal’s famous low-calorie biscuits have successfully aided the weight loss journeys of more than half a million people since 1975. His tried and tested weight loss concept is simple and straightforward- to limit the calorie intake between 1000 and 1200 calories, with at least 500 calories sourced from his cookies. With this calorie requirement, weight loss comes on naturally.

To know more about Dr. Siegal’s low calorie biscuits for weight loss, click here. For other enquiries, you may contact us on 1300 077 707 today.

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