Satisfy Post-Workout Hunger Pangs
With Healthy Low-Calorie Cookies

You’ve just finished a sweaty workout and are feeling hungry

What do you do?

 Eat more and potentially compromise your workout.

 Or try to not eat?

If you don’t eat after a workout, you may be setting yourself up for a binge.

Which can do more harm than good.

A healthy snack after you’ve finished working satisfies your hunger pangs.

It also helps your body replenish essential proteins which keep your body healthy.

Dr. Siegal’s cookies contain a secret mixture of proteins that he developed in his private bakery near his Miami medical clinic.

They satisfy your hunger so that you can follow a reduced-calorie diet and reach your fitness goal.

Of course, they’re all-natural too, with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Plus, they’re tasty too.

Which makes them the perfect post-workout snack.