Anna Garde

“Hi there. I just left my post on your Facebook page, attached is the photo. I can truly say this diet is working and I’m loving all the flavours. I sneak a bit of chocolate in some days, but I’m still losing weight. Just as long as it’s not the whole block. I’m not hungry […]

Ms Mikayla

“I highly recommend these delightful cookies.  I was a huge skeptic, but not anymore. I am not very disciplined at all – but I still managed to lose 8 kgs.  Not really sure if I care about losing more because I got my waistline back and overall I lost 15.5 inches. I’m more energetic, feel […]

Phil , 08 March 2019

I was sceptical when I bought it but the pain in my knee was that bad I was going to try everything. The Ozhealth Arthritis cream gave me relief within 6 hours & over the next 2 days the pain had diminished to almost nothing. Cheers, Phil *Results may vary from person to person.

Oscar Scicluna, 05 Feb 2018

Update its been one week, I lost one and half inches off my waist and lost 4kgs. I have reduced my diabetic pill and my sugars are now under 5 and I feel great ? *Results may vary from person to person.

Nicole Clues, 08 Feb 2018

Im on day 5 & I’m already down 4.4kg “winning”. Keep in mind though I’m not cheating at all (not even a little bit, so no coffee, no chocolate, no take away) *Results may vary from person to person.

Dona Tretler, 04 Mar 2018

Hey Diet Cookie People I am soooo happy with The Diet Cookie… I lost 3.5kg in the first week They are scrumdidilyumious. Cant wait to lose more weight thank you for an amazing product I already have told 2 ladies who have bought your product and hopefully there will be more…. will be putting my […]

Tony Talotta

I’ve been on these cookies now just started 7th week and Iv lost 5 belt holes and 20 kilos with no exercise this has been the easiest diet Iv ever tried I own a restaurant and it’s been very hard to get on a diet but this was easy my goal is 40 kilos so […]

Eddie Jackson-dj

Thanks for the invite CookieClub, thank-you to the founder and ’s distributor for  this “God Sent” cookie that has changed my life dramatically from a weight loss & well being perspective. Facts from my experience after consuming this cookie over a monthly period, 1. Reduced my urge to snack 2. Satiates my hunger 3. Allows […]

Nicole Nation

I was sceptical about the diet until I tried it, the cookies taste great, hard to stop people from stealing them from me. I find that I am not feeling hungry at all during the day and I then enjoy my meal at night. I have been on the program for 1 week and so […]