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Cookies….?? To good to be true right? That was my first thought. My weight had always fluctuated after my second child 7 years ago.

I am 32 and was in the real estate gig. I would be so busy I either didn’t eat during the day and gauged on dinner… Or I ate a massive lunch and missed out on dinner.
I was never good at meal prep, or routined meals.
My ‘oh gosh moment I am huge’ was my first month starting at a new agency.
My photo was taken for my business cards…. Ouch!
(I won’t be handing these out)

Surely it was the camera angle right?

We then had an awards night August 2018.
At the time I felt amazing…. Until the photos came back…

Turned out the camera angle was definitely the right angle.
I was in utter disbelieve of how big I actually was!

I knew it was time to change my ways.
I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an advertisement on Dr siegal’s cookies.
Reading the comments I was skeptical.
I started researching and thought ‘what do I have to lose’ (except my weight of course)!!!
The after pay option got me over the line.
Payment instalments justified!

My cookies came… (months worth)
I immediately sectioned them into lunch bags for my daily limit laughing at myself
‘look at me meal prepping now’!!
Multivitamins ready to go!

My first day was October 2018 and I weighed myself at 91.6 kg.

I won’t lie the first week was a killer!
I set my alarm for two hour intervals and found myself watching the minutes change, waiting, waiting for my next cookie.
Drinking endless amount of water and green tea managed to curve the hunger pains.

2kgs in the first week just proved I was on the right path, pushing and encouraging myself to get onto the next week.

However the next few weeks changed…. I was no longer waiting and waiting.
My alarm would go off and I would think ‘already? I’m not even that hungry’.

Dinner for me was not on the recommended recipe plan. With a large family and full time job I’ll admit I ate what they did (just smaller portions).

One month in and 10kg gone! Clothes were getting loose (money being spent for a new wardrobe) and clients started to recognise. It’s an amazing feeling.

And the money saved was just an added bonus. I would have spent the months worth of cookies within the first 2 weeks on petrol station snacks, sandwiches and iced coffees or energy drinks!

2 months later I was another 6kg (total of 16kg gone now).

This is where the cookie diet ended for me, but my journey was certainly just the beginning.

The cookies taught me to eat at regular times, small healthy snacks throughout the day.
Smaller portions for dinner.

I emplemented a 5km walk at 4 am daily on a treadmill in my lounge room before the school run.
It became addictive and the energy it gave to fuel my body for the busy day to come was better than anything pharmaceutical had to offer… It was natural.

My body had changed.
My mind had changed.

It’s amazing how your state of mind changes.
I never excerised… I never chose a salad over a pub parma. These desicions were no longer forced but now becoming instinct.

I was now proud to hand out my business card… To see their reaction!

‘No there must be a mistake, I am here to see Tarra’

‘Yep! That’s me’

It is now August 2019, almost 12 months since beginning the diet and instead of
‘putting the weight back on’ as the skeptics kept reminding me would happen, I have continued to loose.

I am now at a total of 27.3kg loss. I now weigh 64. 3kg. The smallest I have been since being a teenager!
I have felt muscle and bones that I never knew existed.
It’s a journey I wish I started earlier.
But I did it…. And how thankful I am to the Dr siegal cookie diet showing me the way will never be enough!

I will continue my journey of exercising and making healthier food options, simply for the fact:
I like my reflection in the window shops now, I love seeing my kids scroll through their camera gallery giggling at the ‘bigger me’, I love seeing old friends I havnt seen in months and hearing their comments, i love asking the shop assistant if they have a smaller size out the back.

It’s one of my biggest accomplishments and I am the first person to say how proud of myself I am.

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